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Dr. Stanley K. $usstenburg, gmD is a Bored Certified Rehabilitative Sussesiologist, and the Chairman of gm Regional Hospital (gmRH). As a pioneer in the research and treatment of Sussitis, as well as NGMI and HFBK Syndromes, he has touched the lives of countless patients.

Dr. $uss is best known for his landmark case, $AINT$, which opened the world’s eyes to the shocking extent of the great Sussitis Epidemic. The case file consists of 777 images captured throughout the course of the $AINT$ treatment program. The images show the debilitating effects of Sussitis, believed by Dr. $uss to be caused by the overwhelming pressures of our current zeitgeist, combined with weaponized technology.

There is no known cure for Sussitis, however through Dr. $uss’ holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation, many individuals have been able to recover from the disease and go on to lead productive, happy lives. One such example, is that of Saint Geist, who was one of Dr. $uss' earliest Sussitis patients, and who now proudly serves as Chief Spiritual Advisor of gmRH.

gmRH plans to further document the cases of Dr. $uss through future projects, so please stay tuned for developments.

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